Scaling Nonprofits for Social Good

Franchise For Good transforms lives by scaling and growing nonprofit businesses via a franchise system model and best practices. 

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Who we are

Franchise For Good is a principle-centered 501c3 non-profit company with a small team of dedicated franchise experts, committed to leveraging our expertise for social good.

What we do

We empower transformational change by scaling and nurturing non-profit businesses using a franchise system and best practices.

Why choose us?

We scale non-profits by offering comprehensive training and proven franchise operating system tools and playbooks in strategy, finance, operations, training, legal, supply chain, and marketing.

Who we serve

We work with non-profit organizations seeking to maximize their impact by growing in place, preparing to scale, or adding locations.

The Opportunity: Common Life-Cycle of a Nonprofit Organization*

Phase 1: Starts Without a Fully-Developed Business Plan

A passionate founder starts a nonprofit before funding is in place and without a fully-developed business model.

Phase 2: Grows Without a Support Team

The nonprofit grows while the founder makes all administrative and management decisions without a strong support team.

Phase 3: The Nonprofit Struggles and Closes

The nonprofit plateaus, donors may reprioritize funding, the nonprofit struggles and often closes.


Transforming Lives

Our Founder's Vision for Franchise For Good

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